Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jazz central...musicians at the Waterfront Café

In a playful mood, Ebe none-the-less eluded my lens for most of the evening's playing.
Ricky Brathwaite
Ebe Gilkes, on the occasion of his 80th birthday celebration, Waterfront Cafe, Barbados

Dennis Strong belting out a blues standard.
Ricky Brathwaite, who, according to Nation News toured with Arrow for five years.

Andre Woodvine, renowned for being one of the most accomplished saxophonists in Barbados and beyond.

Jazz diva, Paula Hinds

Linus Yaw, visiting from Hong Kong

Ricky Brathwaite

I had the opportunity to photograph the celebration of Ebe Gilke's 80th birthday party at the Waterfront Café this week.  While my shots of Ebe himself were not the best (he's a tough customer!)  I thought I would share my favourite shots of the night (converted to black and white).  The blues singer is Dennis Strong, Sax player is Andre Woodvine, and the female jazz singer with the wild hair-do is Paula Hinds.  The bass player is Linus Yaw, a Barbadian living in Hong Kong and the trumpeter is Ricky Brathwaite.

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