Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Return to Pico Tenerife

This morning four of us headed out to Pico Tenerife.  This was a first for cousin Connie from Atlanta, a second visit for her husband David (who accompanied me last year) and a reunion of sorts for Connie's cousin (on the other other side of the family) Janice.  We enjoyed ourselves at Cove Bay and did most of our shooting from there, sitting with the lambs and quietly taking pics and looking out towards the peak.  While we were several hours too late to get any really dramatic shots it was a treasure trove of images for us.

First stop:the top of Cherry Tree Hill for the famous view...

Not easily done as it turned out...lots of haze in the distance.

Looking down towards Morgan Lewis Beach

Closer to Cove Bay, the excitement mounts as I spy this windmill that seemed just for decoration

Cove Bay with Pico Tenerife in the distance

The peak with windswept trees for decoration

A friendly flock of sheep

Two siblings sitting quietly together

Mum scratches an itch as baby learns the technique

Watchful mother, curious lamb

My favourite shot for the morning

And again

Official portrait of Pico Tenerife

Cool in the shade.

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