Friday, April 22, 2011

The Long Good Friday

Rising at 5am, I had no idea I would spend the last five hours of this day in front of the computer processing images.  Three and a half hours of that time were spent trying to process a very amateurish pair of panoramas, taken without tripod and both hand-stitched in photoshop.  The larger one of these actually appears smaller here.  The actual dimensions of the file were 72" x 20" to acommodate the 6 frames shot of the seascape.  It was all a very laboured and uneducated attempt to capture one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  So much for that!  The best I can do now is apologise but hope you enjoy the colour show...the full-sized image is fraught with errors and looks so much better within the limited frame of a blog window! Really!  I just wanted to share a bit of the amazing beauty with you...  Once again the surfers had a disappointing time with midget waves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faithful to the Last

For a few years now I have observed in passing the abandonment and gradual deterioration of one tiny church, St.Timothy's with interest.  I always caught a glint of blue light when passing and thought I should go back someday and see this blue window that caught the corner of my eye.  Today was that day, but to my surprise, no blue glass, just the unusual combine of a church exposed to the elements, windows with no glass, glowing with the blue of the wall inside or the sky beyond and a crying, it would seem, of what was once the refuge of what could be no more than a few humble souls over the years.  Instead, the, the small chapel is now the refuge of sorts to a dozen or more pigeons. More April Blues!  I couldn't resist the last image (the flourish of yellow blossoms on a tree in Queen's Park).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Blues

Maybe its Lent that has me feeling blue.  Whatever the reason , my photography has followed suit and the world generally seems a bit more bleak than it did a month ago.  Still, life goes on and there is always some footnote to these uninspired days.  Here are two such notes that caught my eye recently.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

William's First Pick Photos of Georgetown - William Cummins - Picasa Web Albums

William's 2008 Photos of Georgetown - William Cummins - Picasa Web Albums

Hi, while these are old images (2008) I am revisiting them to circulate again, hopefully to a new audience. I wonder if I took that trip now what the photographic results would be.



Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Colour

Seems to have been Rasta day today as I wondered through Holetown and later, Holder's Hill.  The festival of colour continues.  It was some kind of Rasta serendipity that had me find all of this colour.  Hope you enjoy these.  By the way, the painting job is being done on an old house which is being converted to a day nursery, hence the bright colours.  I'm not certain I agree with the way they are treating this historic building but it must be better than having it fall to pieces which is the usual fate of these old structures in Barbados.  The last image is a bit of a punctuation mark, taken a few days ago.
All colours will agree in the dark. Francis Bacon

Odd man out?

No desaturation, just a bland scene in terms of colour.

Pamella's Flowers in Bloom

The home of some family friends has been a festival of colour for the past few days.  The highlights for me are in the pictures below, with my favourites showing a busy hummingbird.

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