Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faithful to the Last

For a few years now I have observed in passing the abandonment and gradual deterioration of one tiny church, St.Timothy's with interest.  I always caught a glint of blue light when passing and thought I should go back someday and see this blue window that caught the corner of my eye.  Today was that day, but to my surprise, no blue glass, just the unusual combine of a church exposed to the elements, windows with no glass, glowing with the blue of the wall inside or the sky beyond and a crying, it would seem, of what was once the refuge of what could be no more than a few humble souls over the years.  Instead, the, the small chapel is now the refuge of sorts to a dozen or more pigeons. More April Blues!  I couldn't resist the last image (the flourish of yellow blossoms on a tree in Queen's Park).

Queen's Park

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