Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Short Take on Long Beach

Well, as usual I dashed in and out of this very beautiful and well-loved locale.  It is in fact a long and large stretch of beach, not far from the airport, and is an oft-visited place for people seeking quietude and/or rest and exercise.  Truly I should have settled in for a couple hours of shooting but, lazy brute that I am, I spent all of 20 minutes there, acknowledging that I had already missed the dawn light and thirsting for my second cup of coffee!  And so this handful of images, which, while they don't reflect the grandeur of Long Beach are more insights to the nature of the scenery here:  almost a mile of beach with an un-interrupted view of the place where Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean sea meet.  The unsightly brown stuff that marks the length of the beach is, we are told, a rare sea dust that is harmless and will soon disappear. I particularly like the image of the hard coral on the cliff with the surveyor's triangle inscribed on it.  It has an otherworldly look to it, a post-modern glyph on this ancient cliff face.  I promise I will return someday soon to try harder and more deliberately to capture the beauty...

Looking southwest

Looking east

These coral shots were taken on the cliff from which I shot the landscape scenery

The surveyor's mark identified by the head of a nail within the triangle.

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