Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nature speaks

I continue to be wowed by things technological and make attempts each day to make some kind of connection with nature, even if it is just through the eyes.  And so this morning I found myself embracing both, first taking a few snaps with the iPhone and then, later in the morning, admiring a plant at the home of an art collector where I had gone to photograph a painting for publication.  These latter I captured with my Canon 50D.

While I am none the wiser regarding botanical or even vernacular names for these plant species, I am keen to note that on brief observation they both look quite strikingly beautiful and it seems meaningless which camera the images were captured with.  Can you tell the difference?  Are you too interested in the content to care?  The answers aren't really important to me except as a brief study in how rapid advances in technology are giving us an ever-increasing opportunity to record, understand and relate to our natural environment that will seem quaint in 100 years!  Imagine that in 5 minutes I can download an app onto my phone which can photograph and identify (they claim) any plant species known to man.  Perhaps you would rather I do thaty so I can back up my photos with useful information. Perhaps you'd just like to enjoy the shots!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Image created with Snapseed

This is just a test....sent directly from my iPhone but then re-sized from within blogger (didn't like the default (small) size.

A little spontaneous expression...

I hope you'll forgive my rather lengthy absence...two weeks in web-time is an eternity.  Recently, though, my photography has been of a more commercial if not classical nature and my wilder side has been sulking in the shadows.  Along come two generous siblings who turned my 47th birthday into a dream come true (a dream I didn't know I had).  I received as a part of my gift a magnificent iPhone4 which is doing all it can to situate me in the 21st century with some conviction!

Tonight my rather restrained artistic leanings burst into the fore with a spate of shots inspired by a new app I downloaded called Snapseed (forget Photoshop Express...this time they're no match).  So here are my very first Snapseed-edited photos:  a blaze of colour, a dose of drama, a fit of inspiration and voila...images that can be printed to poster size if I ever choose.

I've learned quickly that the key to successful iPhone photography is the can be very unforgiving. That aside, I had a blast not having to worry about exposure and depth-of-field...yet another giant step to ultimate photographic freedom!  Thanks to Alissandra and Allan, for making it a memorable birthday ;-)

Not sure if i like the various border treatments but just thought I should try it and see...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its about the dog...

Sherry isn't always this shy but today she was well aware that she was the subject in my little lighting experiment.  The poor dog was torn between the love she was getting from brother Allan and the desire to get away from the big glass eye that was following her every move.  She shyly looked at the camera as I conducted my lighting tests and then when she had had enough basically said "enough" and left the scene.  The lighting is pitiful but her expressions are priceless!

Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Crop Over Festival - GRAND KADOOMENT

These are my best few dozen from the first two hours of today's Grand Kadooment street parade, the climax of the 2011 Crop Over Festival.  I ventured out early hoping to get some good shots before the threatening rain made its approach!  The rain started pouring at about 10:30 a.m. and put an end to my expedition.  I trekked back home, against the flow of the march, in pouring rain.  I hope you'll enjoy them!

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