Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nature speaks

I continue to be wowed by things technological and make attempts each day to make some kind of connection with nature, even if it is just through the eyes.  And so this morning I found myself embracing both, first taking a few snaps with the iPhone and then, later in the morning, admiring a plant at the home of an art collector where I had gone to photograph a painting for publication.  These latter I captured with my Canon 50D.

While I am none the wiser regarding botanical or even vernacular names for these plant species, I am keen to note that on brief observation they both look quite strikingly beautiful and it seems meaningless which camera the images were captured with.  Can you tell the difference?  Are you too interested in the content to care?  The answers aren't really important to me except as a brief study in how rapid advances in technology are giving us an ever-increasing opportunity to record, understand and relate to our natural environment that will seem quaint in 100 years!  Imagine that in 5 minutes I can download an app onto my phone which can photograph and identify (they claim) any plant species known to man.  Perhaps you would rather I do thaty so I can back up my photos with useful information. Perhaps you'd just like to enjoy the shots!

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  1. your photos of the leaves with the droplets of water remind me of a poem by American football hero and visual artist Bernie Casey--'look at the water one drop at a time; look at the trees one leaf at a time and look at the people one face at a time'. Which camera? hard to say--perhaps your iphone with the last 5 shots! thanks for sharing; these photos are very lovely. seb


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