Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo Grab Bag?

This past week I discovered that another blogger/organisation had appropriated one of my images for use on their blog home page.  I was understandably annoyed and fired off a warning email which, on reflection, may not have been necessary.  This organisation or group of individuals did not appear to be using the image for commercial gain...I'm not certain whether their blog exists for commercial gain, hard to tell.  The result of the past week of waiting to see if they would respond (and how) made me realise that its probably happened dozens of times in the past year without my knowledge.

Meanwhile, the grab bag of photographs that my blog represents, many genre/subject matter/styles, means that there is something for everyone...well, maybe.

Certainly, these images here today show a bit of my range of photographic interests, a wide range to be sure, which prevents me from properly going commercial ( read 'specialising')  I note, though, that as you are enjoying them for what they are, there undoubtedly individuals out there who would try, and have successfully removed images from my blog for their own use.  Perhaps this really is an "Age of Sharing" as I read recently, and putting my images up without appropriate (and hard to find) security measures means others will take without compunction.  The days of my blogging may well be numbered as I edge towards  more consistent, and professional, content.

Enjoy it while you can!

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