Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Barbados Mutual Building - Historic Bridgetown

I realise these photos are not fair to anyone who has not actually seen Bridgetown.  I was desperate to get a few shots fired off, to remind myself of some of my interests in the physical world, something other than work.  Hence these few shots of the Barbados Mutual Building, a structure that is well over 100 years old, well-maintained and a perennial landmark in Bridgetown.  Its also a very beautiful building.

I was once told that if you really want to see Paris you should look up!  Indeed, Paris is deceptive in its appeal to pedestrian movement but it is really only when you look up that so much is revealed that does not suggest itself to the casual observer.  Looking up in Bridgetown will reveal lots of sky, for the most part, but I applied that practice to my quick jaunt through Bridgetown yesterday and realised that this frieze (and the small dome, one of three) on the facade of "The Mutual" is never given a second thought to people strolling, hustling or driving through our capital city.  So, voila! (accent missing).  By the way, the regal-looking woman being borne by those mythic looking creatures is none other than Britannia, who was appropriated from the Roman Empire by Great Britain and came to personify the imperial power whose apogee is reflected by the erection of this building in the 19th century.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday Morning

It was a quiet morning.  These scenes from a 24 hour bar, something I never knew existed in Barbados.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Corner of My Eye

At days end, finding myself in a place I had not planned, at a time I had not anticipated, with a strange mixture of excitement, consternation and familiarity.

And then, in the corner of my eye, this scene appears which sort of says it all...sometimes the most compelling is also the least expected.

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