Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recent Images

Perhaps you will see emerging patterns in my shooting but I haven't quite developed the discipline to limit what my camera seeks out.  Your comments on this peripatetic journey are always welcome...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Garrison at Bridgetown

These were taken yesterday at the Garrison, along with the more artsy shots of yesterday's post.  I spent a good deal of time shooting the horse trainers as they sped around the garrison and found, on reflection, that capturing racing horses is not as simple as it seems!  The few environmental shots of surrounding buildings could be combined with dozens more of the beautiful old buildings that sit quietly watching the traffic go by.  This, I suppose, would take a good few days or weeks to do properly.  The hints of the military presence don't even scratch the surface of what the historic Garrison Savannah was all about so stay tuned for a more documentary post (if not several) on the subject.  Horse-lovers enjoy...History-lovers be patient.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Golf Anyone?

I don't know how much these images say about golf...they're really more about the environment of a local golf and country club (Sandy Lane) which is not a decade old in its new incarnation.  I was there for a job and found myself waiting for an hour and a half for things to start. I decided to put the the new wide angle lens (and old camera) through its paces.  Please note that lighting was far from optimal but I was pleased with some of the wider architectural shots and a little less pleased with the landscapes.  FYI, these are just snapshots and not by any means commercially available lest I incur the wrath of the powers that be at Sandy Lane.  Not sure yet whether I actually like this new club.  It lacks the warmth and charm of the original SLGCC which was an old haunt of mine during the year I spent as a young teen with friends who lived on the Sandy Lane Estate.

This was with the 24-105mm lens fully extended...the ideal would be to "stitch" together 4 of these for panoramic effect.

The entrance to the club is an oversized, poorly realized post-modern mill wall, a bit bland and imposing but nice light.

Gotta do that panoramic view someday!

This globe is stuck in the northern corner of the terrace, hidden in a netherworld of the club, close to a service door.

This putting green is a nice touch but a bit less intimate than the old club.
I love this corridor which forms the arcing backbone from which the club fans out to take in the panorama (around the corner)

Huge bar (this is just one side of it), but again kind of bland and cold

This is looking back towards the entrance...more shots like this the next time I visit this space.
Richly attired lounge with many historic golfing photographs and mirrors adorning the walls

Looking back towards the entrance
This shot made the 90 minute wait all worthwhile...the entire corridor (the other half is around the corner) is my favourite part of this structure.

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