Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ocean Culture

Perhaps I should wait until I have explored this scene a bit more, before committing it to my blog as a visual "investigation" but I can't resist sharing, needing to fill the void.  As most Barbadians know, there are many among us to gravitate to the more popular beaches of our island and for many different reasons.  Today I was hesitant about focusing on people and so took a closer look, as I have many times in the past, at the other aspects of beach culture, noteably fishing (and just a peek at the rest of the evening walkers).  The challenge really was more technical, to turn a bland light into something descriptive.  The fishermen were absent but can often be found near their boats fixing/making nets and traps.  So that's my next beach "assignment"; to bring the fisherfolk into the picture!  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Discovering 6x6

Recently discovered this app called 6x6 which simulates a Hasselblad.  Pretty exciting stuff, though I suspect its really just the superb iphone sensor with a few colour and b&w filters and a script for creating the square format, but still exciting to see all this in Real Time and not have to fix or edit the images after in photoshop.  This is an excellent tool for photography on the fly and I should be able to get prints up about 12" x 12".  I'd recommend 6 x 6 to any iphone user!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Creative Jungle

My searching and exploring the visual possibilities with the iPhone 4 as camera/computer have taken a leap into the thick of creative possibilities today.   A few new apps and loads of shooting, tinkering, processing and more shooting have really made for an exciting visual day, if a little like a "loose cannon".  Here are the results.  There are obvious issues with the clarity and sharpness, tonal range and, indeed, content but it has been enough for me to start taking the iPhone camera a bit more seriously, especially considering that one of the apps allows me to order prints up to 30" x 30" (Hipstamatic...we'll see the results in due course).  Its very exciting to have this flexibility.  I hope you enjoy the varied, retrograde, purely gratuitous quality of this post!  Maybe someday I'll be able to focus my artistic sensibility as easily as I can focus a digital camera...

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