Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two American Cities

These are some of my favourite shots from my recent visit to Atlanta and Minneapolis at the end of July.  This is not a comprehensive collection as the other half of of the photos (taken with the iPhone 4) were already posted and I didn't want to put them side by side.  Much is to be said of the phenomenal growth in Atlanta since my last visit there in 1987-88.  With all the mega-developments and new hi-rises it still has a strong green element which preserves its traditional Southern charm.  And for the first time I visited the Black Rock Mountains with my brother Allan, where the landscapes were taken. The few photos of Minneapolis (my second home), are exclusively of the Basilica of St.Mary, one of my favourite places to see there and a magnificent structure.  ALL PHOTOS were taken on the run as it were with just seconds to consider light and shadow, composition, angle etc.  All images taken with Canon EOS 30D and the 16-35mm L lens

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