Saturday, February 9, 2013

Awake From Your Slumber!

 Well, that message is really for me...I witnessed my second sunrise for the year this morning, which was some sort of a record!  This time it was with the Barbados Photographic Society as a guest of one of their members.  Never in my life did I see such morning glories!  It was simply stunning, well worth the meager dose of sleep I had the night before to ensure an early start!  Some 30-40 souls clambered along the dark path after meeting at St.Andrew's Church and without exception we tried our best to capture the unfolding spectacle along our rugged East Coast.  For my own part I was skeptical that I would capture much, being in this rapid fire mode - "shoot before you think" - but I did settle down to consider what I felt were the the messages I was receiving from the land and sea and sky this morning - what is my response to such a gift?  I hope you can tell from my photos.  Thanks to Andrea U. who has been an occasional photography partner and who encouraged me to let go of the "odious claptrap*" that the world can be! (*From Big Sur and the Oranges of Heironymous Bosch by Henry Miller).  By the way, Barbados, once the jewel the crown of the British sugar producing empire, would have had over 500 windmills, such as the one you see here.  Morgan Lewis Mill is on of the very few working windmills of its age remaining in the region.  It was restored by the Barbados National Trust during the 1990s and has hosted real cane grinding sessions, a la 19th century, in recent years.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Harley-Davidson at the Beach

Some odd things do happen in this little island, so sought after by droves of visitors from throughout the world.  This particular scene caught me by surprise, however, deviating from anything in the standard lexicon of our island imagery: A veritable fleet of Harley-Davidsons.  The location, or in this case its parking lot, was Accra Beach in Christ Church, Barbados, one of the most pristine and most visited of all the beaches in Barbados.  As traffic was crawling along the small main road, I decided to stop and revel, photographically speaking, in the pageantry of engineering, industrial design and sheer numbers of the classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles seen here.  No, I am not a real motorcycle fan, but some 30-odd Quebeçois are, apparently having taken their bikes along for the ride on the cruise ship that brought them to Barbados!  Not a bad way to cruise the Caribbean!  FYI: no cyclists were on hand to witness me with my camera; they were surely all on Accra Beach getting as much sun, sea and sand as they could before heading back to the Great White North.

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