Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scorched: A Lenten Reflection

These were taken along a one mile stretch of curving road between Banantyne and St.David's, Christ Church, this afternoon, an area that always seems to get burnt at this most dry time of year, along with many other parts of the countryside of Barbados.  In 15 minutes, I found in the landscape an echo of my own aridity and withdrawal. And yet I haven't felt so hopeful in weeks! Seeing in the little sprigs of grass and the golden sunlight accentuating what was burnt, I could imagine without trying the field gradually transforming from this desolate canvas of browns, golds and blue/greys into the usual greens.  They will return to their normal verdant state before long. The desert experience will come to an end eventually. That's some Lent!

Happy Easter!

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