Saturday, May 18, 2013

Running from shadows...

I was a bit alarmed this morning, on my photoshoot along the West Coast boardwalk, to be uninspired by the scenery, the hesitant morning light, a general lack of things to appreciate and even less, no inspiration from within.  My questions as I took a few haphazard shots were along the lines of:  Why here? Why now? Where is the joy I experienced on former personal safaris? Then, as I aimed at  a crab who seemed just as impressed by me as I at him, I found myself being confrontational with this creature...why run away you little coward? I asked him.  And I forgot all abut aesthetics in that moment, forgot about statements, about the whys and hows of my photography.  The one question was:  Why do I fear crabs (and their human-created mythology of fear) and why do they seem to hate me (or just about anyone who approaches)?  I engaged these few crabs for just about 15 minutes as the realization dawned on me that they can see my shadow coming and run to hide in their own shadows, just as I do sometimes in my own shadow, in response to my own very human fears.  A different take on light I guess...The other images here are like the little bit of relief from that existential piercing of the bubble...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Under Mother's Wing

So, very little is actually written here but the images reflect one important aspect of my mother's character that I seem to have inherited: Curiosity, as the force which keeps me looking and sometimes actually seeing!  Happy Mother's Day to Hyacinth (my Mum) and all those other significant surrogate mothers in my life!  Forgive me for being so enraptured by the odd.

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