Monday, June 17, 2013

IT'S THAT SIMPLE - Recent iPhone Images

Simple is how it seems when I head off to do my errands or work-related activities unencumbered by the more powerful DSLRs which always make me actually work for an image!  The iPhone doesn't need any more promotion but I still get a thrill from seeing my 12"x12" or 24"x24" black & white prints knowing that the device in my pocket allowed me the freedom to just see:  Through the complex winding and turning of my unstructured life and the sadly ironic 'development' of life on an island which is fast becoming a little metropolis.  The quiet spaces in between become for me little pockets of 'existential' air in an otherwise densely textured social, cultural and economic life.  Enjoy...

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  1. Many I would like to paint, thankyou for all.


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