Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recent Landscapes - St.Joseph, Barbados

Actually these are recent as in today!  Took in a tour of the countryside today with a friend whose agenda was to take some video of the landscape.  Along with her cousin, we covered a good set of ground and I reconnected a bit with the land that has been the testing ground for my photography since 2007.  Applying new confidence and a bit of photographic "rain making" - willing the light, if you will (no pun) - I found so much to see that I had not seen before for as many times as I have traveled these old country roads.  For those who have never visited Barbados, this will all seem a bit like non-paradise (where are the beaches?) but I am determined that viewers of this blog, both those who have enjoyed this island  and those only seeing it through pictures, will come to understand the deep beauty and psychic depth of the land, especially inland areas, where so much history is determined to remain witness to the always-accelerating press of modernity.

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  1. As always William - you have captured what goes unseen by many. Simply beautiful how you brought to the fore the small things that maketh the Parish. Stupendously beautiful photographs. You are definitely honing your skill. Thanks for sharing.


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