Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Darkened Glass

Bleak thoughts accompanied my shots yesterday afternoon as I waited the interminable wait to get yet another piece of glass at yet another hardware store.  My thinking was of how these places all seem to be plagued by poor customer service, forgetting the digital diary in my pocket and its power to move my thoughts to a different place.  The accompanying images were thus a collecting of my thoughts, rescuing them for a more important purpose than grumbling! The oldest, most persistent question in my repertoire came to visit:  Why?  This time, it was not much of a stretch to recall earlier days in a previous age of my life when I was sculpting/assembling my way to a Bachelor of Arts degree in the New England State of Massachusetts in 1985-86.  Mindful of that connection I was, simultaneously, transported to a future that lays beyond transparency and foreknowledge.  The "darkened glass" and the misty past formed a moment with no room for dreams, questions, doubts, fears, regrets or even anticipation.

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