Monday, October 6, 2014

Last Day, Atlanta

Visited the Carter Presidential Center but not for the educational opportunities!  Rather, we went to view the monumental architecture and enjoy immaculate grounds, a must-see for any photographer who has the opportunity to visit.  Next time, I'll take in the exhibit and learn something new.  For now, this visit has come to an end and on a very inspiring note at that.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Spiritual Interlude...

Enjoyed a very pleasant treat this afternoon in the form of a visit to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia, about 30 minutes drive into the Georgia countryside.  The visit was planned by my cousin, a long-time resident of Atlanta, who thought that my interest in things spiritual and my oft-confessed need for deeper healing would find some meaning and direction in the site.  She was quite right.  A Trappist monastery founded in 1944 by 20+ "break away" monks from Gethsemani Monastery in Kentucky, the Holy Spirit monks "dedicate themselves to the worship of God in a hidden life within the monastery under the Rule of St.Benedict." Indeed, We must have seen a grand total of 3 monks while we were there. There was plenty to see otherwise, however, with the entire site appearing so visually understated as to be more of a meditation in its own right and less of a splashy scene, a very beautiful counterpoint to downtown Atlanta. It's many poetic surprises successfully lured me away from worldly concerns for a few moments. If you ever visit Atlanta, be sure to "break away" from the hubbub of the city to this quiet oasis of healing and enlightenment. (Dedicated to the late Bill Grace, a fellow artist, who introduced me to the writings of Thomas Merton AND to Madonna House, a catholic community of lay religious and priests.)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Dream of Wheels?

This is the last weekend of the exhibit "Dream Cars" at the High Museum in Atlanta.  The opportunity to take in a show like this was provided by my cousin Connie and my brother and I met here there yesterday morning hoping to take it all in and miss the crowds.  "Fantastic" is maybe what people at early car shows in the 40's and '50's would have said when these showpiece vehicles were unveiled.  And they're still saying that.  It's a spectacular review of the golden age of automobile design.

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