Saturday, March 22, 2014

Social Media & Abstraction

I really must apologize for getting caught up in the social media thing.  I feel like I've left behind a lot of well-wishers and people who just don't go in for the social media thing.  Still, in the past month, I've been a member of Instagram and have also been posting regularly, an image at a time, to Facebook.  Its quite a sensation to think that not 10s or 100s but possibly millions of eyes might be viewing my efforts.  The feedback tells a different story.  While its obviously too early to gauge, the response to my social media posts has been a mere dribble and in keeping with my eternal pessimism, I'm convinced (at least a part of the time) that there's no point taking photos any longer.

ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE (yes, there is one...even I know that), social media has me thinking more about the various strengths and weaknesses of what I actually disseminate to the wider world via the internet and that, in turn, is helping me take stronger images.

So here's the story of the adventure you've been missing (all but one are from my iPhone)...

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