Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday - Bridgetown, Barbados

Dragged myself into little Bridgetown to find a bit of perspective and maybe capture a real image or two.  Barbados was blessed with fine weather this Easter and many took advantage of this to head to the beaches.  My photo walk today was really more of a look inward but the images, a mixed collection, were a return to base, of sorts: No flash and dazzle, just pitching an ear to the muses and trying my best to present new perspectives.  Happy Easter!

Dark alley in the sunlight

Erecting new signage on Broad Street

Trafalgar Square reflected in the window of one of our leading fast food restaurants

Finally, the light cooperates and gives a distinctive flair to our Parliament Buildings

The East Wing of Parliament

The Clock Tower on the West Wing of Parliament, pre-empted by the "Pride of Barbados", our National Flower

Yes, footprints in the sand, Browne's Beach

Beach sculpture, Artist Unkown

The sands

Football on the beach

One of our oldest churches, the Bethel Methodist Church

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