Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Post-Dawn Pleasures

So our photo safari started late this morning, sometime after sunrise, but the morning light did not disappoint, nor did Serendipity, when we gave her sway to guide us to new scenes and visual pleasures that would excite anyone who ventured away from the beach for a few hours.  This really did seem like a safari, as our last wrong turn took us into the seemingly unpopulated but forest-like grounds of what we would soon learn is High Clere Plantation.  Home of a massive plant nursery, High Clere was all ours for about an hour, its twists and turns revealed by Noah, the supervisor of the team who raise the endless varieties of palms and tropical flowers! Sadly, without my wide angle lens I was a bit lost but used this as an opportunity to change gears and just enjoy the better parts.  Enjoy...

The starting light...

And ending (at "High Clere" Plantation).

"High Clere's" idiosyncratic FIRE PLACE, such as was actually common in early colonial structures.

En route through St.Thomas

Seeking warmth...

Bonus sprig of enlightened bush

Getting the most of the mill wall at "High Clere" without my wide angle lens

Wild grasses...

Ancient fauna at "High Clere"

Showing the way home (for Stanley in N.C.)

Thursday, January 15, 2015


As the New Year festivities fade, my 2015 has swung quickly into high gear, anticipating as I am, my first solo photography exhibit (more news on that later!)  While it often seems a fait accompli, my role as photographer is yet just one aspect of my creative life, sharing space with drawing, poetry, music and graphic design.  Its quite a challenge but exciting to have so many creative outlets.  For now, I'm pleased to share my photography and my beautiful home country of Barbados with you...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day to Day, Year to Year..

No grand epistle for the first day of the New Year, but an apology for abandoning my blog for practically three months and a pledge to come back here more often, where my perspective seems most true.  From yesterday morning to this afternoon, an old year has become a new one and I found the strength to pick up my camera for a few hastily gathered images.  As is usual with me, there is little evidence of a theme but a hopeful glance at the time passing so rapidly by.  Wishing you all the best for this holiday and a hopeful and healthy 2015!  May the world (and each of us) manage to not lose our perspective on the most important things in life (the definition of "important" I leave to you)!

A new mural in Bridgetown!  This one (and "Copacabana") by Jay Shogo visiting from Japan

A new mural by Jay Shogo (Japan)

Frolicking youth make the ocean their home for a day...my memories stir!

A new view (for me) of the most beautiful historic building in Bridgetown, our Parliament Buildings, rich in character and history

In from the cold...

Future doctors or lawyers or actors?

At Sue's for lunch on New Year's Day.

One of Sue's faithful companions, Sudi, A Barbadian "rescue" dog.

More from Sue's garden

Light beacons with a most mysterious but compelling language.

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