Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life On Pause...

With apologies to my loyal viewers who have missed most of my production for the past 5 months unless they've been viewing Facebook.  My efforts have largely been iphone photos in that time.  Recently, however, the impetus to go out with my big camera and take more serious images has surfaced again  At the same time, life has paused for a bit...


  1. Barbados looks so ideally peaceful and quiet in these photos..... a sense of solitude and calmness that the world needs..... And now I know what is at the end of the rainbow...a horse, neat idea and very symbolic.

    1. Thanks Penny! FYI, the horse and the rainbow were like some kind of cosmic gift, unplanned (I can't call it a neat idea...), unrehearsed, and hastily captured in a bfrief moment between one rainshower and the next. Gift it was indeed...


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