Friday, March 11, 2016

The Cooler Side Of "Hotlanta"

Who asked me to go to Atlanta just 2 weeks before spring would peep into the southern metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia?  Yes, I needed to recharge my batteries after a long stretch of work and life happened but February is still the danger zone for cold snaps in the South!  Still, many crystal clear blue skies welcomed me as I braved the cold concrete (so I could say I had "vacated").  And nature sprinkled some bracing sleet and snow and ice to add urgency to the awakening spring blossoms (and to my walks).  Urban settings are great material at any time of year and Atlanta did not disappoint...

My old "stomping ground", Virginia-Highlands, now more exclusive than ever!

Shocks of patterns and contrasts caught my eye as my brother ferried me from one stop to the next, to keep me quiet.

A view of the giant cranes giving form to the new Georgia Dome  (opens 2017).

This tall ship caught my eye on my way into Octane Coffee (Howell Mill Road),  my favorite haunt in Atlanta

Caught at 70 mph en route to the airport one evening.

The world's busiest airport (Hartsfield Atlanta International) is also the home base for Delta, on of the world's largest airlines.

On day one of my visit, the gorgeous afternoon light drew me out doors, in spite of decidedly un-tropical temperatures.

Downtown Atlanta, full of light-play at just about any time of day or night.

Alien pods hatching?  Nope, lanterns outside a popular text-mex restaurant.

A quick "snap" of my cousin Greg, on the threshold between afternoon sunlight and parking garage shadows.

Practicing off-camera flash.

My ride home...ended up walking, naturally.

My favorite, taken at on elf those happy marriages of sunset and urban glass.

A short visit to Decatur, Georgia

The Decatur MARTA (Rapid Transit) Station

A ribbon for an unknown occasion.

I'm guessing that deep contrasts of light and shadow are typical of Atlanta winter/spring light.

Decatur Square, Decatur. Georgia.

Practicing in the new spring light.

A view from Decatur Square.

Advancing evening shadows stretch onto Decatur Square.

Could be New England, a colonial-style look-out.

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