Sunday, January 21, 2018

Refreshing The Life Screen

It is remarkable to me how merely being in the presence of people foreign to our island renews my own vision, their virgin impressions imbuing my own eye with a deepening of discernment and breaking the tedium of same-ness.

For the first two weeks of the year, family and friends from the north, many whom I have never met, have graced our shores - a flurry of activity in which we have tried our best, once again, to be gracious hosts, particularly to the newbies.  This, of course, has meant dinners and sharing and the obligatory island tour/photo safari or two.  In the   midst of all this sharing and exchange of views, my own eye has refreshed, and life screen re-set in ways that are never predictable.

My photographs today, each one of places I have visited and photographed  countless times in previous years,  are the first fruit, as it were, of that exchange!

West Bury Cemetery, across the street from the newly named "Rihanna Drive", grave marker of unrelated persons.

From the deck of my brother's home on the East Coast, a scene I  have been privileged to enjoy countless times.

Leaving the historic Codrington College (behind me), the light continues to open up the familiar in new ways.

Again, St.John's Church (1837) originally dates back to 1634 but destroyed by acts of god and natural disaster a few times

Leaving the dark wood-laden interior of St.John's Parish Church, back into the brilliant January light.

Verso side of the famous "Paleologus Tomb" - see next photo for the front (and do read the inscription!).

The historic tomb of Ferdinando Paleologus, a symbol of ancient linkages to the ancient seat of the Christianity. 

This scene is another I have waited years to capture to my satisfaction.

Cane arrows - The "flower" of our islands famous crop for centuries, usually in vast oceans of soft translucence.

A solitary afternoon jogger punctuates this scene of one of my favorite areas for landscape photography (the northern edge of the parish of St.Thomas).

Rhythm and melody - brought to life by golden afternoon light.

A January poem.


  1. wow, beautiful images, thank you so much for sharing, William

    1. Thanks Andrea! Glad you were able to visit my blog in your many travels

  2. used cane arrows many times in my paintings but these in close up were a surprise , and show I didn't look enough.

  3. Very refreshing pictures. Thanks for reminding us of the small things we forget everyday. Congrats William

    1. Thank YOU Ronald! I'm glad you (and others) get some pleasure from my images - makes my efforts more worthwhile!


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